Say “Yes” to the Incredible With Xcaret Weddings!

Discover the enchantment of Xcaret Weddings, where every detail is meticulously cared for to transform the wedding of your dreams into a masterpiece of love and celebration. Explore the option of celebrating your union in Xcaret, blending the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  

Personalization in a Luxurious Setting  

At Xcaret, we understand that your wedding is more than an event; it’s the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. Imagine saying ‘I do’ in spectacular venues like Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte, or La Casa de la Playa, all adorned with five diamonds, or at the iconic Xcaret Park. With over fifteen unique locations, from captivating coves to dreamy beaches, each corner becomes the perfect stage to formalize your love story.  

Tailored Ceremonies  

We ensure that your wedding adapts to your needs, specializing in various ceremony types, from Catholic to pre-Hispanic. We work closely with you to bring your dreams to life and capture your unique vision in every detail.  

All-Fun Inclusive® an Unforgettable Experience  

By choosing Xcaret Weddings, we organize and handle every detail of your wedding and offer you the chance to stay at Xcaret hotels and enjoy the All-Fun Inclusive® concept, which will transform your stay into a comprehensive experience, with unlimited access to our tours and theme parks, top-notch gastronomic experiences, and convenient transfers, all seamlessly integrated with your accommodation.  

Our hotels provide the perfect setting, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, for this particular day. Tie the knot in paradise with Xcaret Weddings, merging your love with the beauty of the Riviera Maya, Mexico, creating memories that will last a lifetime.   

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