Anticipate your gift this Mother’s Day!

A special occasion full of love, gratitude and celebration is approaching: Mother’s Day. At México Destination Club, we want to invite you to anticipate and plan a unique experience for mom in one of our exclusive destinations: Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte and La Casa de la Playa. 

Our destinations

Hotel Xcaret México: Where luxury meets nature 

Combine luxury with natural beauty. Bestow your mother with resting days in a paradisiacal setting, with unlimited access to Grupo Xcaret theme parks, gourmet dinners and world-class spa services. 

Hotel Xcaret Arte: A cultural and avant-garde experience 

For art and culture lovers, it offers unique experiences, from art workshops to live shows. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a touch of creativity and sophistication in an environment that combines the traditional with the contemporary. 

La Casa de la Playa: A haven of tranquility facing the sea

For those seeking the serenity of the sea and the beach, where privacy and tranquility are priorities and ultra luxury amenities abound. 

Purchase early to get better prices 

Anticipating your reservation for Mother’s Day 2024 guarantees availability at the hotel of your choice, in addition to booking the restaurants you want to visit. Don’t wait until the last minute, make sure you give Mom the experience she deserves. 

How to book in advance 

Book your preferred hotel through the Member’s Community at any time or contact the Member Services Center through the official channels from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

Your hotel Concierge will assist you in scheduling your activities and ensuring everything is coordinated. Our team will be available to make sure every detail is carefully planned for you.

Remember that the promotions offered by México Destination Club are published in our Member’s Community and sent through our official email account

México Destination Club does not offer promotions through social media, so we invite you to reject any offer received through social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messages, or any other means not mentioned above.

Don’t forget that as México Destination Club members, we have exclusive benefits for you. We are committed to making each experience an unforgettable memory. Count the days until to celebrating Mother’s Day with you at our exclusive hotels! 

We look forward to welcoming you and helping to create memories you will cherish forever!