Pack your bags! The Festival of Life and Death Traditions is back

In its 17th edition, Querétaro will shine as the guest state 

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions has become a showcase that invites us to delve into the cultural expressions in our country surrounding death and the afterlife, generating hundreds of ways to worship and pay respect to the deceased. 

With the expansion of the Day of the Dead as a syncretic celebration and cult across the national territory, each region redefined and shaped the elements and rituals practiced to commemorate the dearly departed. 

To share with our visitors, guests, and members the particularities of each state’s Day of the Dead celebration, a different state is invited as an honorary guest, highlighting its evolving traditions for each edition of the Festival.  

Querétaro, the honored guest state 

In the 17th edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions, the honored guest is Querétaro, a state as historic as it is traditional, with a rich culture abundant in traditions, culinary expressions, and warm people who proudly hold onto their homeland. 

Star Presentations 

With four days of activities, the iconic Xcaret Park dresses up in finery and marigold flowers, scents is pathways with copal, and opens its doors to welcome artists, guests, visitors, guests, and members who fall in love with the colorful and diverse Day of the Dead and want to be an active part of it. 

With plays, dances, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, interactive displays, and culinary delights, the upcoming edition of the Festival will overflow with talent, color, passion, and tradition. 

Natalia Lafourcade, the star concert 

With over two decades of delighting international stages, Natalia Lafourcade will land at the Gran Tlachco Theater to captivate attendees, performing the hits that launched her and have kept her in worldwide fame. 

Activities at Hoteles Xcaret 

To extend the celebration beyond Xcaret Park, guests and members staying at Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and La Casa de la Playa may enjoy various artistic, culinary, and entertainment activities. 

Stay tuned for upcoming details and book an All-Fun Inclusive® trip to Mexico’s Traditions of Life and Death!