Fuego Restaurant and the Influence of Mediterranean Cuisine

Celebrated chef Franco Maddalozzo achieves exquisite fusions and unparalleled flavors

After expanding his extensive international career, renowned chef Franco Maddalozzo fell in love with the beauty of the Riviera Maya and the quiet life in the Mexican Caribbean, forging a professional path within Grupo Xcaret that would turn him into the Gastronomic Director of Hoteles Xcaret. 

Therefore, in addition to coordinating the talents and knowledge of the Culinary Group of Xcaret Hotels: Hotel Xcaret México, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and the Culinary Ensemble at La Casa de la Playa, Franco Madalozzo also remains active in the kitchen by overseeing the Cayuco restaurant at Hotel Xcaret Arte and Fuego restaurant at Hotel Xcaret México.

Mediterranean Fire, Mexican Techniques 

In his motherland Italy, cuisine also functions as a unifying element for families, gathering everyone around the table to enjoy elaborate feasts, much like its role in Mexico, where it has become a focal point for fraternal harmony. 

This shared social function, coupled with other characteristics like spices, abundance, and satisfaction in flavor and seasoning, tend ideal bridges to merge the essence of Italian cuisine with Mexican elements, resulting in exquisite classic Mexican dishes with European influences and touches. 

The Heart of Casa Fuego 

Fuego restaurant is exclusive to guests of Casa Fuego, the adults-only section of Hotel Xcaret México. With a privileged location facing the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, Fuego restaurant stands out as the heart of Casa Fuego. It also features a gym, two pools, one on the rooftop with the iconic swimming lane, an exclusive gym, and a beach bar. 

This collection of services and amenities turns Casa Fuego into an ideal destination to share the best of Mexican culture with your partner or group of friends in an exclusive and relaxing environment, where relaxation blends with culinary satisfaction and delight. 

Blue Diamond, a Cuisine Membership 

Although access to the Fuego restaurant is exclusive for adult guests at Casa Fuego, México Destination Club members may enjoy this and other enticing culinary benefits through the Blue Diamond membership at La Casa de la Playa. 

Among the Tailor-Made Experiences offered by Grupo Xcaret’s first boutique hotel, the access to all restaurants at Hoteles Xcaret definitely stands out, including HA’ at Hotel Xcaret México, Xaak at Hotel Xcaret Arte (whose costs are also covered by the membership), Kibi-Kibi (exclusive to Casa de los Artistas guests), and the rest of the dining venues included in the All-Fun Inclusive® concept. 

If you are a passionate foodie, take the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the culinary diversity of Hoteles Xcaret with your Blue Diamond membership. 

Consult your Concierge for more information. 

Interested in learning more about chef Franco Maddalozzo? 

Watch his exclusive interview for México Destination Club in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJAZI1idq2c.