Explore Mexico’s culinary wealth in our Mexican Fiesta

32 Great Cooks from Mexico at the Hotels by Grupo Xcaret, showcasing an exceptional event that captures the very essence of Mexican culinary culture. 

September 15, Mexico’s Independence Day, is celebrated with pride, unity, and fiestas nationwide. It is a moment in which an entire country reunites to commemorate with parties, parades, and, of course, delicious cuisine. 

The celebration’s heart at the Hotels by Grupo Xcaret is comprised of 32 talented cooks, each representing a different region of Mexico.

From the highlands of Oaxaca to the sunny coasts of Yucatan, these masters carry on traditions and culinary passion. On this special night, their abilities are shown in an array of authentic dishes that tell stories of ancestral generations and their whispered secrets. 

The iconic Xpiral Pyramid, nestled in the heart of the Hotels by Grupo Xcaret, is transformed into a feast of flavors and traditions, and the atmosphere is perfumed with tempting scents of authentic Mexican dishes, while traditional and colorful music adds a dash of magic to the experience. Every corner becomes impregnated with Mexico’s emblematic warmth and hospitality. 

You will be able to delight your senses with a wide array of dishes, from street food delicacies to exquisite main courses and delicious desserts. 

We invite you to book your stay with anticipation to secure your place in this celebration. As a México Destination Club member, you can access preferential hotel rates to enjoy this unforgettable experience at a special price. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our Mexican Fiesta: 32 Great Cooks from Mexico and celebrate a Mexican Independence Day with a feast of flavors and traditions at the Hotels by Grupo Xcaret

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