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Hotel Xcaret México was selected as one of the best places in the world by TIME Magazine


Hotel Xcaret México, the resort that made history in the hotel and tourism industry, was selected by the international prestigious magazine TIME as one of the best places in the world according to the  World’s Greatest Placeslist. This hotel is changing the market with a new definition, not only for vacations but for traditional All-Inclusive thank to their exclusive program  All-Fun Inclusive®.

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The magazine published on August 23th, 2018 their first edition of this list, highlighting the 100 destinations that are building new roads, leading the trends on tourism and offering extraordinary experiences. To create the list,  TIME Magazine  took the opinion of the editors, colaborators and correspondents, also as tourims industry experts, the criteria was based on quality, originality, innovation and influence. The result is a list as various as the world, with destinations in 6 continents and 48 countries.

We are honored, proud and happy to be part of the first edition of  “World’s Greatest Places” in an iportant magazine like  TIME. This recognition inspire us to keep working to offer unique experiences.

Architect Marcos Constandse Redko, General Manager at Destino Xcaret and  Grupo Experiencias Xcaret CEO.

Also added that  “since  we started planning the  Hotel Xcaret México, more than 10 years ago, we seek to work in a completely diffrent product, something that allow us preserve the ecosystems, something in what we achieved a perfect harmony with the environment, and also, allow us elevate or love for our country, Mexico. And after years of planning, geological, environmental and watercourse  studies, we achieved the born of  Hotel Xcaret México, a project that fills the heart of each of us that are part of it.” 

 La Cantina - Hotel Xcaret Mexico - Mexico Destination Club


With less than a year since the opening, this natural shelter aground the nature and the Caribbean Sea, and inspired on the traditions and mexican hospitality, has become one of the favorites for tourist mexicans and foreigners. The Hotel Xcaret México offers to each visitor the opportunity to live and enjoy an unique experience where the wellness, fun and nature are included. The exceptional results of the resort are reflected in a high occupation, in a cometitive destination like Riviera Maya, and the recognition of visitors and industry.


Before the opening,  Hotel Xcaret México became the first hotel in the continent to achieve the “Planning and Design Certification” from  EarthCheck. Recently was recognized on the 15th edition of “Obra del Año” awards, where get the recogition for Economics Innovation, Tourism and Hopitality and  People’s Choice. It’s now nominated for the  Reader´s Choice in the Hotel Awards for  Travel + Leisure Magazine.


It should be noted that the desing of the  Hotel Xcaret México is inspided on the mexican culture, present in every detail of the resort, in congruence of becoming in a multiplier platafor of mexican art. Was designed on an eco-integrator architecture and landscaping, with a style that honours nature, getting as a result a natural refuge where beaches, rivers, coves, caves, pools and hanging bridges connect and coexist harmonically.

Revista Time - Hotel Xcaret Mexico - Mexico Destination Club


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