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The Hotel Xcaret México throught the sustaintability program of Grupo Xcaret are doing something for our planet.


The Sustaintability is synonymous of balance. The perfect balance between benefits for the people, the planet and the prosperity. It’s like a  “pirinola” or a spin toy that is in perfect balance, but if one of it’s points receives some force, then it collapse.

Arq. David Quintana Morones


The sustainability model of  Grupo Xcaret takes care of getting better conditions for the planet, the people and the prosperity of the failies; to achieve that, among other actions, procure the animal welfare, conservation of cultural heritage, human dignity, responsible marketing, ethics and impulse to the mexican economy.

We don’t care only about the present, but also the future.

The  Hotel Xcaret México has benefited more than 1500 families from different communities and that are providers of some of the daily operation articles and crafts.

Nest Lamp

Made in Cancun, with 20 craftsman involved in the process, 1200 lamps were bought for the opening.

Handcrafted paste mosaics

Made in Merida, Yucatan by 30 families of artisans, using traditional techniques and materials as it’s has been from generations. For the hotel’s opening there were made more than  330,000 handcrafted tiles.

The next time you visit the Hotel Xcaret México remember to admire these magnificent handcrafts, among others that decorates the hotel.


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