Life and Death Traditions Festival 2018

Celebrate in Xcaret the Life and Death Traditions  Festival 2018!

Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte | Mexico Destination Club

Xcaret Park, honor this great event, declared “Master piece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity” by UNESCO on 2003. Every year, from October 30 to November 2th, the park visitors can learn about this unique celebration, and this year the festival will be better than the previous.

This tradition started to the pre-hispanic era, and currently is celebrated through diferent rituals in more than 40 native groups who conceived de dead as a dialectic unity: the binomial life-death. For this days the mexicans celebrate our deads, we go to graveyards and make altars on the cemeteries and houses, waiting the temporary return to earth of our beloved family.

Festival de Vida y Muerte 2018 - Xcaret - Mexico Destination Club

The Life and Death Traditions Festival at Xcaret, it’s a colorful party, with music and traditions, that over the years had become an important space to expose to the Cancún and Riviera Maya visitors, the richness our country have around the “Día de Muertos”.

Festival de Vida y Muerte 2018 - Xcaret - Mexico Destination Club

On previous editions, we have had special state guests as Chiapas, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, Puebla, Michoacán y Campeche, that have deligthed us with artistic expressions like dancing, music, theather, traditional gastronomy, photography and painting, and their ancestral altars; this year we will be honored with the culture of Zacatecas.

On previous years, the stage of the Festival was visited by international artists like Lila Downs, Ignacio Lopez Tarso, Aleks Syntek y Julieta Venegas, among others. We will be waiting the announcement for this year, we are sure it will satisfy the expectations.


The mayans, as other mesoamerican cultures, express a deep interest about dead, and can be observed on their artistic demonstrations during different ages.

For the ancient mayans, and actual mayans, deads have life, so their spirits are needed for nourisment as the living ones. For this reason, they prepare the dishes they liked when lived, to mantain energy during their beyond way. Also, with the catolic festivities as “Todos los Santos” and “los Fieles Difuntos”, both with large tradition,  that fuse with the catholic religion brought by the spaniards, results in the syncretic practice known as Hanal Pixán.

Hanal Pixán or Day of death, is also one of the most intimate family practices in the Yucatan Peninsula, with the particular merit of gathering all the family, even if they are in far away.

Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte 2018 - Xcaret - Mexico Destination Club

It’s a return era: the live ones, that for many reasons are away from the family, come back and participate with the celebration. The souls of our beloved ones, return to enjoy and share the food that was prepared, so, live and death are gatehered again. And fro family to family, from one generation to another, this tradition continues along the years.


 México Destination Club invites you to visit Xcaret Park from October 30th to November 2nd to enjoy this celebration dedicated to the memory and coexistence of our ancestors.


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