Mexico’s flavor shines at the Mexican fiesta at Hoteles Xcaret

32 expert female cooks from every state in the country delivered an event like no other 

The most authentic patriotic holiday in Mexico celebrates our country’s Independence, and this year Hoteles Xcaret prepared a first-time event in the history of Mexican cuisine: reuniting the best female cooks from each of the 32 states that comprise the Mexican Republic, to create their iconic dishes on a colorful September 15th with a Mexican flavor. 

The event, appropriately named “The Best Cooks of the 32 States of Mexico”, joined the efforts, logistics and personnel of Hotel Xcaret México and Hotel Xcaret Arte to share the culinary legacy of Mexico directly from the hands and hearts that have spent decades mastering techniques, quantities and seasoning to offer emblematic dishes that cross borders and captivate even the most demanding palates. 

Great flavor-filled Mexican fiestas 

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the Xpiral Pyramid was lit green, white and red, with a tasting of mezcal, tequila and other national liquors, and the music of marimba, jarana, mariachi and norteña enlivened the evening. Stations with Mexican sweets, craft sweet bread, coffee with liquor, Cantaritos and a wide range of national cocktails were also available. 

When the entrees arrived, guests and members had pozole, milk candy toast, basket tacos, cochinita, cemitas, tortas ahogadas, tamales, picaditas, gorditas, cemitas, and moles. 

The venues from Tamaulipas, Colima, Querétaro, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Tlaxcala, Yucatán, Colima and even Mexico City were the most requested and demanded for their culinary options. 

Along with traditional music, a psaltery and an organ grinder enlivened the night, which included a collection of traditional Mexican games, such as lottery, marbles, matatena and target shooting, among many others.  

The expert cooks who made up the event were: 

Aguascalientes – Antonia Santos Aranda 

Baja California – Antonia Torres González 

Baja California Sur – Elsa Esthela Romero Strit 

Campeche – Juana Segovia Bonilla 

Chiapas – Ricarda Jiménez Tevera 

Chihuahua – Isabel Monarca Cruz 

Coahuila – María Guadalupe Velázquez Vázquez 

Colima – Anapolita Guzmán Corona 

CDMX – Marvén “Lady Tacos de Canasta” (Basket Tacos) 

Durango – Dellanira Navarro Gallegos 

Guanajuato – María Del Consuelo Venancio Table 

Guerrero – Blanca Rosa Barrera Aguirre 

Hidalgo – Porfiria Rodríguez Cadena 

Jalisco – María Nélida Ramírez Rodríguez 

Michoacan – Benedicta Alejo Vargas 

Morelos – Dora María Romero Vega 

State of Mexico – Idurvina Rodea Guerra 

Nayarit – Maria Del Carmen Jiménez Zepeda 

Nuevo Leon – Elizabeth Elizondo Garza 

Oaxaca – Juana Tomasa Amaya Hernández 

Puebla – Hilda Cruz López 

Queretaro – María Elena Castillo Cruz 

Quintana Roo – Blanca Celia Alamilla Aguilar 

San Luis Potosi – Juana Rubio Ramos 

Sinaloa – María De Jesús Palomares Garate 

Sonora – Nereida Mayte Vejar Espinoza 

Tabasco – Elisea Osorio Moreno 

Tamaulipas – Rosa Sinayth Vázquez Morales 

Tlaxcala – Nicolasa Hernández Muñoz 

Veracruz – María Del Carmen Ruiz Hernandez 

Yucatan – Lucía Guadalupe Cosgaya Solis

Zacatecas – Adriana Lizeth Fernández Parga

México Destination Club members staying at Hoteles Xcaret were able to be part of this great Mexican night, so we encourage you to book your stay for the next Independence Day the following year, where we will surely have a celebration as special as this one.