Grupo Xcaret renews its Great Place To Work certification

The brand stood out as the number one company in the Pride dimension 

Since 2005, Grupo Xcaret has been part of the Great Place to Work ranking, a certification granted to companies that provide a great work culture for their employees. 

Through two metrics known as the Trust Index and the Culture Audit, the Great Place to Work Institute receives the opinion and evaluation of more than 100 million employees from 60 countries, who participate by providing their opinion and evaluation of the internal and external practices of their Workplace. 

Overall results in 2022 

The evaluation includes five dimensions of the Great Place to Work conceptual model: Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride and Camaraderie, where Grupo Xcaret obtained first place in the Pride dimension. 

In this latest survey, the Great Place to Work Institute found that more than 80 percent of all participating employees, including of course those of Grupo Xcaret: 

· Feel pride in the work they do every day 

· Celebrate a sense of camaraderie for personal and collective achievements 

· Show commitment to their work by viewing it with a sense of purpose 


· 89 percent perceive a sense of camaraderie, stating that their colleagues and superiors care about others 

· 88 percent of employees feel that these benefits are reflected in excellent customer service 

· 84 percent said their company encourages them to balance their personal and work lives 

How does Grupo Xcaret take care of its collaborators? 

Grupo Xcaret’s commitment to sustainable practices is manifested through the Sustainability Model and includes attention to the well-being of its employees in the sphere of “People” which, together with “Planet” and “Prosperity”, comprise the model. 

Through the years, the brand has been adding numerous benefits to its collaborators, such as: 

· Health days 

· Maternity and paternity leave 

· Training and development opportunities 

· Acknowledgments 

· Cafeterias in its different business units 

· Round transportation to various areas of Playa del Carmen and Cancun 

· Safety training 

Likewise, through the years, Grupo Xcaret has been shaping a work culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion, which has contributed to a long-standing presence as one of the greatest places to work for in Mexico.