The new art dimensions at Hotel Xcaret Arte

Shows and performances reach a new sensorial level

If in your last visit to Hotel Xcaret México you had the opportunity to enjoy our diverse entertainment offerings, and you thought you had seen it all, prepare your senses to reach a new level at Hotel Xcaret Arte. 

By presenting a concept that revolves around Mexican artistic disciplines, this new luxury resort in Riviera Maya is born with an extraordinary entertainment line, as varied as it is fun. Read on for our top shows and forums. 

Teatro del Agua 

Upon entering Casa de la Música, the first thing that catches your eye is the fabulous Teatro del Agua, resting in the middle of the Casa’s two buildings. This gives the guests at this Casa a preferential angle from the balcony of their suite to watch the shows that take place here. 

As its name implies, this forum will include an elaborate fountain, jets and waterfall, and paired with a state-of-the-art light and sound system, will boost the shows in a unique and memorable style. 

Musical welcomes 

Given that each of the Casas at Hotel Xcaret Arte features its own lobby, the property boasts five ideal spaces to receive a warm musical welcome, with excellent performers and assorted instruments, from the violin and psaltery, to mariachis, string duets, puppets, and more. 

Open areas at Hotel Xcaret Arte  

In certain areas at Hotel Xcaret Arte, you can enjoy shows and happenings that will add a special touch to an already wonderful day. Stay tuned in case you meet one of our friendly mimes or witness a dance duel between two opposing genres, such as ballet and urban or pre-Hispanic dance. Casa de la Pirámide, Casa de la Música, the beach bars, Cafeteca and the Rooftop Bars often host multiple numbers and performances. 

Passionate dance nights 

Thanks to its adult friendly nature, Hotel Xcaret Arte presents a refined and sensual atmosphere, inviting you to travel romantically as a couple, maybe to celebrate a special anniversary and keep the flame burning. It features two nightclubs where flagship cocktails and live music set the perfect atmosphere for an evening among carefree adults: Cantina VI.AI.PY. and our speakeasy El Deseo. 

Cantina VI.AI.PY. evokes the festive atmosphere of these classic Oaxacan establishments, in a reimagined setting with minimalist touches, lively colors and music by our house bands La Xalsera and La Xiquita

On the other hand, our speakeasy El Deseo is a nightclub inspired by the United States speakeasies that sprawled in the 1920s, during the era of alcohol prohibition. To stay in business, the volume of the music had to be very low, and conversations were held in whispers, which originated the name. At El Deseo, nothing will stop you from having fun in your own way, but its soft and relaxed atmosphere makes it an enjoyable place for both dancing or just chatting, accompanied by DJ Elite mixes, and jazz fusion bands like  Jazzkan Trio,  Xharp FusionJazzcaret BandXibaljazz and Azul Fourcade