Xcaret Park shares its 360° Xafety actions

Learn about the adjustments made to the attractions and other safety measures 

While we were getting ready for the new normal, we took advantage of the weeks spent in the distance to create the best hygiene actions and protocols to guarantee your fun and safety.  

As a result, our phased reopening includes both our Parks and Tours and the attractions within them. To keep the social distancing measures, our Xcaret Park is celebrating its reopening by implementing new safety measures with the 360° Xafety model

Changes in shows and attractions 

  • Our forums and the workshops will operate at 50% of their capacity. 
  • We will encourage the use of disinfecting gel before entering the forums and we will make sure to keep a safe distance between families. 
  • We will enable additional exits from our forums to ensure a safe distance. 
  • There are the cultural shows that will be available in our reopening: 
    • Dance of the Guaguas - 11:00 h  
    • Dance of the Totonacas - 13:00 h  
    • Water Bottle Chimes - 16:00 h  
    • Horse Exhibition - 17:00 h  
    • Dance of the Owl - 17:10 h  
    • Pre-Hispanic Welcome - 17:10 h  
  • As part of the protocols, we have reduced the schedule for some exhibitions:  
    • Spider monkeys, Jaguars and Pumas – 08:30-16:00 h  
    • Manatees and Tapirs – 08:30-17:00 h  
    • Agarpornis Aviary and Children’s World – 09:00-17:00 h  
    • Aquarium, Sea Turtles and Crocodiles (contact pond and the turtle eggs are still closed) – 09:00-18:00 h  
    • Xcaret Aviary and Butterfly Pavilion (the butterflies are still under care) – 09:30-18:30 h  
    • Flamingo parade– 09:30 h  
  • Available leisure activities:  
    • Adrenalina 
    • Sea Trek  
    • Reef Snuba Tour 
    • Snorkeling Tour 

Changes at Xcaret México Espectacular: 

  • For a limited time, Xcaret México Espectacular show will return to the Open Theater, the space where it lived for many years.   
  • The Pre-Hispanic Ball Game will not be presented during the presentation for the moment.  
  • As we continue to increase the visitor capacity, two presentations will be held at the Open Theater. 

Available Underground Rivers: 

  • We will only be operating two underground rivers: the Mayan River and the Blue River. The Manatee River will remain closed. 

Available Restaurants and snack bars

  • A-la-carte services: 
    • “La Cocina” restaurant will be offering breakfasts – 08:30-12:00 h
    • Pai-ai bar – 10:30-17:30 h 
    • Xcafé – 08:30-18:00 h  
    • Beach snacks – 11:00-17:30  
  • · Restaurants with assisted buffet (Plus services) 
    • “La Cocina” restaurant, serving Mexican food – 12:00-19:00 h  
    • “Dos Playas” restaurant, serving international food – 11:30-17:30 h 

Among other general changes, we will: 

  • Not be distributing maps and brochures, for which we recommend you download the Xcaret Park App. 
  • Exchange the physical comment logs for digital surveys that you can answer by using a QR code. 
  • Lower the access turnstiles to avoid unnecessary contact. 
  • Check the temperature of all visitors, whether at the transport boarding or at the turnstile access. 
  • Only be selling previously packaged food at food stands.

Benefits for México Destination Club members at Xcaret Park 

Under previous reservation, you will still enjoy the following benefits: ·

  • Wheelchair loan 
  • Baby stroller loan 
  • Chocolate workshop reserved at the Open Theater with limited availability.