Take a Deep Dive in Mexican Art: Discover Unique Workshops at Hotel Xcaret Arte

It’s time to delve into a world of creativity, art, history, culture, and unforgettable experiences; discover the unique workshops at Hotel Xcaret Arte! We are excited to share with you an unparalleled selection of workshops and activities that will surely ignite your inspiration and passion for Mexican art. 

At Hotel Xcaret Arte, every corner is imbued with the rich history and vibrant artistic traditions of Mexico. From colorful murals to carefully designed architectural details, each element invites you to explore, create, and connect with the soul of our extraordinary country. 

At Casa de Los Artistas, you can explore your creative side through its Painting Workshops. From the delicacy of watercolor to the expression of linoleum printing, each workshop offers the opportunity to experience and learn from talented local artists. 

  • Watercolor or Landscape Painting 
  • Collage 
  • Linoleum Printing 
  • Mexican Plastic Arts (drawing) 
  • Mixed Media 

If you’re interested in Mexican artisanal traditions, Casa del Diseño offers you the chance to fully immerse in the fascinating world of textiles. From a walkthrough the different kinds of looms to creating beautiful macramé pieces and traditional weavings, like crochet and Huichol weaving, each workshop is a window into our country’s rich cultural heritage. 

  • Loom Walkthrough 
  • Spinning Ideas 
  • Macramé Weaving – bracelets 
  • Traditional Weavings – crochet 
  • Huichol Weaving – God’s eye 
  • Macramé Weaving – coasters 
  • Spinning Ideas – cross-stitch 

At Casa de la Pirámide, you can experience the magic of bringing clay to life in our pottery workshops. Paint ceramics or mold with your own hands to explore your creativity while creating unique and meaningful pieces. 

  • Painting Ceramics 
  • Creating with Your Hands 
  • Pottery 

And if you have a taste for dancing, learn all about the Latin music at Casa de la Música, featuring Dance Workshops. Embrace the sensuality of salsa and bachata or fire up with cumbia and mambo, or try the traditional Yucatecan jarana and the fun zapateado rhythms.


  • Salsa 
  • Bachata 
  • Cumbia 
  • Mambo 
  • Yucatecan Jarana 
  • Body Rhythms / Zapateado 

We recommend booking your stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte in advance to guarantee your participation in the workshops of your choice, and to fully enjoy all the exciting activities we have prepared for you. Book now and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte. 

Get inspired by art, culture, and creativity at Hotel Xcaret Arte, where each experience is a unique journey into the depths of the Mexican soul! We look forward to welcoming you and being part of your journey towards inspiration and creativity.