Wine Tasting at Xcaret Park

The first thing we have to know, is that a large majority of visitors to the Cava, are not experts and even are not even wine aficionados, and that makes this tour even more enriching, both for visitors and for our guide, who enjoys showing one of the hidden secrets of Xcaret park.

Cava Parque Xcaret - Mexico Destination Club

The tour in the Cava is interactive, our guide allows visitors to taste the wine, without giving them any clue, to allow everyone to feel and find in the wines they are tasting, memories of some smell, taste or even moment and then the explanation is given. In the words of Adolfo Ventura, our guide, “we have all tasted a green apple or a red apple, if we taste a wine that reminds us of that flavor, we have a feeling of being with flavors and memories of some moment in our life“. Each tasting is different from the previous one, since information and tastings are made around the interests of visitors, solving their doubts and illustrating their concerns with the large number of labels, flavors and aromas that can be found. Even when we are visited by experts in wine or in some type of wine in particular, it serves to increase the knowledge and culture of our guide.

Something very important during the visit to the Cava, is that it is not only a visit to try a fermented drink, it is also a visit of culture and history, since we are presented with information about the vineyards in Mexico and all the culture that has been around these for centuries. A peculiarity of the Xcaret´s Cava, is that it is the only one in the world that has exclusively  Mexican wines, with 450 different labels. Within the collection of wines and labels that we can find there are 3 houses of Mexican wines, historical, which are the most representative and are represented within the Cava; Monte Xanic, Santo Tomas and Casa Madero.



FUN FACT:  Casa Madero, has been making wines since 1547, practically since the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico, being the first house to bottle and market wine in the New Spain.

Mesa Imperial, Cava Xcaret, Mexico Destination Club

Currently many of the Mexican wines that are in the Cava, are at the same level of flavor, robustness and quality that internationally known and even awarded wines; in La Cava we can find wines from the different Mexican wine regions, starting in Querétaro and Zacatecas, the Valley of Parras in Coahuila and Baja California.


Inside the Cava there are several significant places, such as the cellars of each of the houses, the sommelier’s office and the Imperial Table, the most iconic place in all these corners, and not only because of its size, but because of its history.

Mesa Imperial, Cava Xcaret, Mexico Destination Club

The table is made with Ceiba wood, which is the sacred tree of the area; however, this table was made especially for this room and among its curiosities, they say that they made a hole in the roof of the Cava, which is currently a skylight at the entrance; through that hole they put a Ceiba in, and at the caves, was cuted, carved and armed; literally the table was made inside the Cava, because it was the only way to put a table of those dimensions and weight inside the caves where Cava was being built.

The room is decorated with old and classic utensils to uncork bottles, maps of wine areas, wooden instruments, as well as other instruments used for the consumption and enjoyment of wine. Obviously, since it is such an emblematic place, it is that table, where the tastings are paired and where important private dinners have taken place.

“It is an assembly between passion, enjoyment, conviviality, testing of food and drinks”


Adolfo Ventura, Sommelier Cava Parque Xcaret, Mexico Destination Club

We thank Adolfo Ventura, in charge of the cava and sommelier, for his attention and the guided tour.


The first Tuesday of each month, there is a guided tour and private tasting for México Destination Club members, so do not hesitate to reserve your place the next time you visit Hotel Xcaret México, directly with the member service executives.


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