Saving tips during your vacations

Enjoy an unforgettable vacations and save with this tips.

Buy your flights in advance:  Planning is not only bookink flights and hotel, also be aware of prices to get the best deal. Remember that airfares are cheaper if you buy it in advance.


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Save with currency exchange:  Using the ATM abroad can generate a lot of charges. Using a Debit Card is cheaper than using a Credit Card, but must of the banks have comissions for using it on the ATM. It’s better to get some money with you and avoid extra charges. Just remember not to store all your money in the same place. Currency Exchange prior your arrival is a good tip to save getting “cheaper money”.


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Duty-Free Shops: Most often found inside airport departure areas, seaports, and border crossings, duty-free shops are magnets for thrifty shoppers in search of a great deal. The products at such retail outlets are sold exclusively to international travelers just prior to leaving the country. The best bargains will typically be found on heavily-taxed items such as alcohol, cigarettes, makeup, fragrances, watches, and various luxury items

Tax-Free Stores: Tax-free shopping is a means for countries to promote tourism. Particularly in the European Union, keep an eye out for stores advertising signs that read “Premier Tax Free,” as such retailers allow you to receive a refund on the value-added tax (“VAT”) that is included in their prices.

Tax-Exempt Eligibility: Note that tax-exemption for foreign travelers is specific only to select physical products such as clothing, jewelry, perfume, etc. In other words, the goods and/or services at establishments such as hotels or restaurants are not exportable, and their prices therefore do not include import duties that would otherwise be eligible for a refund by tourists.


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