The best Xelfie spots at Hoteles Xcaret

Both Hotel Xcaret México and Hotel Xcaret Arte feature key spots to take an incredible Xelfie. Locate them all! 

An All-Fun Inclusive® vacation at Hoteles Xcaret could not be complete without everyone’s favorite graphic souvenirs: photographs. Who doesn’t turn to them to sigh with nostalgia, get inspired to take another unforgettable trip, and share their experiences with friends and family? Who doesn’t upload them to social medias and enjoy seeing “likes” and hearts pour in the rest of the day? 

At Hoteles Xcaret, we know that a good photo spot is a necessity for today’s traveler, and to help you capture incredible moments, multiple Xelfie spots have been installed throughout.  

Standing out for their alebrije shapes, the Xelfie spots work in the same way as the ones in our Parks. These devices automatically take a picture seconds after scanning your bracelet against the sensor, and then send the files directly to your account, which you can access from your hotel room TV to select and save them. 

We also want to remind you that, depending on your membership level, you have great benefits when purchasing your digital photos, that may even be complimentary on each of your visits. 

Xelfie Points at Hotel Xcaret México 

Hotel Xcaret México has twelve strategic locations throughout its facilities, aimed at exploring its many features and majestic spaces: 

· At the octopus-shaped family pool at Casa Viento, the Xelfie spot is located on the climbing wall, a stamp of fun and pleasant moments with your loved ones. 

· At the left end of the infinity pool, in the part that overlooks the beach. A charming toast is always a hit on Instagram. 

· On the balcony of the Rooftop Bar at Casa Fuego, providing an intimate atmosphere with a spectacular viewpoint of the exotic Riviera Maya. 

· At the fifth level of the Xpiral Pyramid, when celebrating your anniversary as a México Destination Club member. 

· In the diamond-shaped pools at Casa Viento and Casa Espiral, a more welcoming setting for an evening with your partner. 

· On the intermediate bridge of Casa Tierra, to celebrate the start of a new adventure. 

· In front of the bar in the Las Cuevas restaurant, before or after a dinner that could change your life. 

Xelfie Spots at Hotel Xcaret Arte 

With an adult friendly atmosphere, Hotel Xcaret Arte boasts twenty Xelfie spots in environments that highlight the elegant eco-integrated architecture and the immersive experience that can be found on the property. The Xelfie spots at Hotel Xcaret Arte: 

· At the glass balcony facing the stairs that lead to Casa de la Música, with a magnificent view of Teatro del Agua and the rivers that flow through the hotel. 

· At the glass balcony, next to the store at Casa del Patrón, providing a wide view of the property, ideal to immortalize your arrival. 

· Two Xelfie spots are found in front of the El Changarrito bar, heading for the beach. 

· Another one is located on the bridge of El Changarrito, towards the beach. 

· On the Floating Island, next to the Teatro del Agua at Casa de la Música, ideal for a more intimate and romantic location. 

· Two Xelfie spots await you in the cove while you paddle aboard a kayak, near Casa de los Artistas. Show off your paddling skills and don’t forget to smile. 

· At the main pool, near the lounge chairs in the corner, ideal for capturing a moment of relaxation while sunbathing in peace. 

· In front of the main pool bar, for a toast with your partner or friends. 

· At the second level balcony at Casa del Diseño, next to Cayuco restaurant, ideal for a group photo before an exquisite dinner. 

· In the lookout near the rooftop bathrooms at Casa de los Artistas, where sky and sea come together to offer you a dream setting. 

· In the glass corridor of the pool on the rooftop at Casa de los Artistas. An iconic photo in an iconic place gives us an iconic memory for the rest of our lives. 

· At the terrace in Casa del Patrón, in front of Salón Frida. Smile before taking a tour or visiting one of the Parks. 

· On the bridge of the cove that goes towards the sea, leaving the rooftop bar at Casa de los Artistas. Ideal for a pose that says “adventure awaits us”. 

· On the second level bridge that joins Casa del Patrón with Casa de la Pirámide, with panoramic views of the main pool and the Caribbean turquoise in the background. 

· At the rooftop pools at Casa de la Pirámide and Casa del Diseño. A nice portrait before taking a dip. 

· In front of the wet bars at Casa de la Pirámide and Casa de la Música, for a nice portrait after dipping in the party.