Origami, in the style of México Destination Club

At México Destination Club we are proud of the traditional costumes of our region

In a creative way, we want to share with you some of the traditional costumes of Yucatan, “la Guayabera” and “el Huipil“. Using origami, we invite you to create your favorite clothing and share your pictures with us.

We would love to see our members in creative pics, showcasing their city and our origami apparel.

Here you can download the files for Guayabera and Huipil.

Origami Huipil

Origami Guayabera

  • Guayabera: The guayabera is a gentlman’s shirt , which can be with long or short sleeves, decorated with vertical embroideries and small pockets in the chest and waist. The guayabera can be fabricated from cotton, silk, linen and synthetic fabrics.
  • Huipil: (from Nahuatl: huipilli, “decorated blouse or dress”), also called hipil in Yucatan, is a blouse or dress with colorful embroidery. This is a traditional costume from natives and “mestizos” in South Mexico and Central America.

Show us your crafty skills and share a picture of these origami clothings in your city with #OrigamiMDC

You can also share your pictures at our Facebook page

This is not a contest, it’s just for fun!


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