The art workshops at Hotel Xcaret Arte, an experience not to be missed

Learn about the unique experiences offered by this sanctuary of Mexican art and culture 

In each of the Casas that make up the imposing Hotel Xcaret Arte, there is an art workshop that invites you to discover, learn, practice and create. 

Opportunities like this are unmissable, since they appear less and less frequently in our busy lives, we’re so occupied with our day-to-days, sometimes we’re prevented from doing what really moves and frees us. 

Read on to learn more about the art workshops available at Hotel Xcaret Arte. 


Among a collection of vintage sewing machines, looms and handmade garments, members and guests can delve into the secrets of Mexican artisan embroidery, creating original and colorful works, ranging from bracelets to hipiles (traditional female gowns). 

The workshop presents four activities throughout the day, with a maximum capacity for ten people: 

  • Weaving Ideas 
  • Weaving Macramé 
  • Traditional Embroidery 
  • Loom Experiences 


The exclusive workshop for residents of La Casa de los Artistas provides the long-awaited opportunity to express themselves with strokes on canvas, improve their drawing techniques, and even engrave on linoleum. 

It features three activities with a maximum capacity for eight people: 

  • Watercolor 
  • Drawing 
  • Linoleum engraving 


Pottery is an ancient art that serves as a testimony to the wisdom, culture and social role of the region in which it was developed. In this workshop, members and guests will be able to treasure the magic of molding clay objects with their own hands. Later, they can bake them, paint them and take them home. 

This workshop has four activities with a maximum capacity for eight people: 

  • Painting Ceramics 
  • Creating with Your Hands 
  • Pottery 
  • Turnstile 


Music and dance are joy to the soul, mind and body. By participating in this workshop, members and guests will learn or perfect various musical rhythms such as salsa or bachata, and then put their skills and movements into practice in places such as El Deseo or Cantina VI.AI.PY., which offer an excellent repertoire of live music. 

Each genre has its own space, with a maximum number of eight people: 

  • Mambo 
  • Salsa 
  • Bachata 
  • Cumbia 

The artworks and knowledge that you will obtain after your participation can become the perfect souvenir for your loved ones, or to decorate a special corner in your home, which will remind you of your experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte. To ensure your participation, we recommend that you make a reservation for the workshops you want to take with your Concierge as soon as possible.