Xplor Bravest Race 2018


Xplor Bravest Race, the must important obstacle and persecution race in Mexico, because the beauty and natural settings, some of then underground and other in the mexican jungle, will take place next September 16 with the participation of 3,500 runners. The 6th edition of this race will pay tribute to the brave spirit and strenght of mexican people against adversity.


When the race was announced, it was informed that all the interested can find the details in the official website  www.xplorbravestrace.com,  that is already available for registration.

Xplor Bravest Race is a fun and challenging 5 km race across incredible scenarios where the participants will face 30 fixed obstacles, incidental and natural, inside Xplor Park, at the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo. This 6th edition will be focused on Mexico, highlighting the union, strength and resilience of its people, values that will be tested with phisical and athletic challenges like climbing, swiming, jumping, dragging and more.

Xplor Bravest Race 2018 - Mexico Destination Club

In this edition, the race will have some cheerleaders called “compas or compadres” that will be motivating the participants to never give up with the challenges.

Xplor Bravest Race 2018 - Mexico Destination Club

The “compas” will be motivating on the obstacles.

Within the 30 obstacles,  will be 9 with a bigger difficult, and when finished, the runners will get a “paliacate”. Collecting the green, white and red “paliacates” will make the runners suitable to receive the most wanted medal: The Bravest.

Xplor Bravest Race - Mexico Destination Club

Also, there will be an elite heat (8:00 a.m.) in both categories (men & women) where 125 men and 125 women will compite to set the best times.

Xplor Bravest Race - Mexico Destination Club

During the press conference of #BeTheBravest, there was a small race with special guests, which share their impressions after the race, and all of them agree that is a run to challenge themself and the best way to celebrate de Mexican Independence.

Xplor Bravest Race 2018 - Mexico Destination Club

Remember that all the rules for this race, are seeking the safety of all the participants, and we recommend take into account the following points:

  • Is not allowed to use drugs, people in incovenient mood or who have consumed alcohol.
  • Is not allowed to get into the park with coolers, alcoholic beverages or food.
  • Is not allowed to get into the park any kind of pets.
  • The runners and spectators must coply with all the indications from the directors, volunteers and medical team.
  • Is not allowed any direct physical contact against other runners. The challenge is to beat yourself.
  • Is necesary to present an official photo ID, minors (16 and 17 years old) must be with their parents or legal advisor to sign a responsive.
  • You can use sportsware or any funny costume. Running shoes. Gloves can be useful.
  • Bring a towel, dry clothes and shoes to use after the race.


Xplor Bravest Race - Mexico Destination Club


Xplor is a unique park in the world, it’s adventure circuits for swimming and sailing underground, in caves – full of stalactites and stalagmites – and underground rivers. On the outside, the jungle is the ideal scenario for tours in amphibious vehicles and ziplines, that allow to enjoy the views from different angles, with the Caribbean sea as canvas. At night,  Xplor Fuego, offers an unparalleled experience to the visitors with extreme adventure on volcanic scenarios, darkness and fire as main elements.

If you are interested in participate on the Bravest Race, remember that as a México Destination Club member, you can stay at Hotel Xcaret México during the event with special rates.

Register and book now!.


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